What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is a branch of traditional Thai medicine that is a holistic and meditative style of bodywork. It’s foundations lie in Thai medicinal theory and Buddhism; so while it has the potential to treat injuries and/or restructure body alignment, it also integrates a deep spiritual component based on the idea that the mental, energetic, emotional, and physical bodies are not separate.

Thai massage utilizes a wide range of techniques such as deep compression, passive stretching and movement, and other work thats focus is freeing pathways of movement within the body. Other tools such as cupping, scraping, liniments, balms, and hot herbal compresses can also be used. While this style of bodywork can be calming and relaxing, because the practitioner has the opportunity to employ their entire body weight - it also has the ability to be the most intensive deep tissue work. Typically, a session is performed on the floor with the client clothed in loose comfortable garments on a padded mat.

Why Thai Massage?

In an age where pain is often a result of more sedentary lifestyles and/or repetitive movements, Thai massage can be especially effective by breaking up these patterns and allowing the body to experience its full range of motion.


Benefits of Thai massage include: increased mobility, relief of pain and tension, improved circulation, increased body awareness, reduction in stress and anxiety, increase in energy, and a general sense of well-being, 

This modality can be practiced on *most* people no matter their age, size, level of activity, fitness, or flexibility. Unfortunately however, the property is not wheelchair accessible. Contact me with questions or concerns.