November 18, 2018

It's been some time now that I have been saving to send myself to Thailand and study, and it's hard to believe that time has arrived.

I am so thankful to everyone in this community who has welcomed my work and I look forward to sharing what I've learned upon my return.

Until then, take care and happy whatever holidays you may or may not celebrate!

August 10, 2018

It's been a month since my partner Ryder and I made the move to Vashon Island and still can't believe it's true. Every day I wake up delighted by our new home, and with it a new way of life. Perhaps I'm romanticizing it because it is still so new, but I am so glad to have settled here. I am especially grateful to the folks who lived here before us for all their hard work and tender care of this land and for creating these beautiful gardens!

For most of my life I haven't lived in the same home for more than two years - as a young person, my mom was constantly moving for one reason or another and I continued the pattern into adulthood. I suppose that is normal for most young adults, but I am ready to stay put fo...

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