A Place to Call Home

morning light

It's been a month since my partner Ryder and I made the move to Vashon Island and still can't believe it's true. Every day I wake up delighted by our new home, and with it a new way of life. Perhaps I'm romanticizing it because it is still so new, but I am so glad to have settled here. I am especially grateful to the folks who lived here before us for all their hard work and tender care of this land and for creating these beautiful gardens!

For most of my life I haven't lived in the same home for more than two years - as a young person, my mom was constantly moving for one reason or another and I continued the pattern into adulthood. I suppose that is normal for most young adults, but I am ready to stay put for awhile and so far I have felt very welcomed.

On Maui there is an understanding that if you're meant to stay, the island will take care of you, but it is for her to decide. I wonder if that is true about all islands... I think all land is sacred and alive but perhaps because of an island's inherent fragility she is a bit more selective about who she chooses to host. I guess we'll see!

All of this to say I am thrilled to be here and excited for the chance to share this beautiful bodywork with her inhabitants.